Companion Maxum - Loan Repayment Insurance

Ultimate Peace of Mind

  • Life Insurance includes accidental dismemberment benefit
  • Critical Illness Insurance includes six covered conditions:
    • Life-threatening cancer
    • Heart attack
    • Coronary artery bypass surgery
    • Stroke
    • Major organ failure requiring transplant
    • Paralysis
  • Accident & Sickness Disability Insurance includes hospitalization benefit
  • Accidental Plus Disability Insurance includes:
    • Accidental Disability
    • Involuntary Unemployment

Options, features and benefits

  • Provides affordable peace of mind for you and your family
  • Insurance coverage that makes your liability an asset
  • Cost of coverage is the same for all ages or occupations
  • Benefits are non-taxable and paid in addition to your other insurance benefits
  • Payments made on your behalf do not have to be repaid
  • Helps to protect your credit rating and savings
  • Higher insurance coverage limits allow covering multiple investments
  • Critical Illness coverage provides Living Life benefits, and allows for full recovery

The power of protection

There are those who feel that even at a low price, loan repayment insurance is an unnecessary "luxury". The "it could never happen to me" attitude is understandable when your health is good and you're in the prime of life. Nevertheless, the statistics on disability and death cannot be ignored.

Total protection against financial breakdown.

Whether your vehicle is new or pre-owned, you're going to enjoy it for a very long time. You've chosen wisely and budgeted carefully, but the one option you shouldn't overlook is loan repayment insurance. It's an option that will protect your investment in case of a financial breakdown.

Reducing the impact on your family.

The best way to achieve peace of mind is to plan ahead. So it's good to know that the insurance coverage you choose will reduce the financial impact on your loved ones if anything should happen to you

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