Winter Tires

Why do you need winter tires?

There are several advantages of winter tires over all season or all weather tires.

  • All Season tires start losing traction at +7°C, and All Weather tires at -10°C
  • Winter tires use a more pliable rubber compound to optimize traction at temps down to -30°C
  • Aggressive tread blocks dig into ice, snow and slush. Wide grooves between tread blocks expel snow and slush. Natural rubber in the tread compound helps winter tires stay soft, flexible and grippy in sub-zero temperatures
  • Even entry level winter tires (inexpensive) will out preform the best all season tires in Manitoba winter climates.

McNaught Advantages

Purchase your tires from McNaught and you will receive:
  • First season of Off Season Tires Storage free (a $75 value)
  • 3 levels of winter tires (good, better, best) to fit your budget
  • Our MPI Winter Tire Program allows you to finance winter tires and winter tire accessories (rims, storage, mount and balance) up to $2000 over 1-4 years
Isn't your family's safety important to you? Get your winter tires today with our Online Tire Store or Request from our Parts Department below.

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